Project: Yerba Mate Brand Launch

We were tasked with launching a classmate's idea for Yerba Mate tea.  The Result: Vym Energy Tonic, a new category of energy drinks. 


Project: Nutella's Identity Crisis

A competitive analysis of the brand.

Nutella PDF

Project: Mobius Motors

Mobius Motors, a Kenyan car company, empowers local entrepreneurs through transportation.  Our task: Spread the vision of Mobius through Africa. 

Mobius Motors PDF

                                                Project: Tootsie Roll

Sales of Tootsie Roll are declining, we used qualitative and quantitative research to understand why.

Tootsie Roll PDF




Fashion Public Relations

As a PR Executive, I managed relationships with clients, editors and stylists.  I also planned events, including New York Fashion Week shows.  A highlight of this experience was launching Warby Parker Eyewear.  

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Entrepreneurial: Eight Skincare

Sold to a private investor in 2013, this skincare company has a family history.

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