Sold to a private investor in 2013, this skincare company has a family history.




My grandmother formulated Eight’s signature product, The Body Moisturizer, in 1944 after her skin was left extremely dry from working on airplanes at an air force base in Oklahoma during World War II. She continued selling her lotion to locals and friends throughout her lifetime and passed the recipe along to my mother who followed suit, selling the lotion to her friends.


When the lotion was picked up by a handful of local stores, my mother and I decided to expand the product line and have grown it to include ten products in three different scents. We have since built an e-commerce website, revitalized branding and launched a public relations campaign.


Last year, we recognized that we could no longer meet the demands of our customers, much less our own goals without outside funding. Through tenacity and sheer luck, we landed a financing deal with a private investor in January 2013. Since then, we have made a few key internal hires in addition to hiring a renowned Public Relations firm responsible for managing Eight’s traditional and social media publicity efforts.


The following pages are a sneak peek into how the brand has evolved over the years.



Eight Skincare was originally named Eight Body Moisture. Our first product was the lavender body moisturizer, the same moisturizer my grandmother created.



My mother and I slowly began creating new products to compliment the body moisturizer. We created a Dry Skin Body Brush Treatment, a Crème Body Wash and a Sugar Scrub. We also formulated a new scent, Ginger Lime.



Wanting a fresher look, we redesigned our packaging, keeping the name Eight Body Moisture.



Product packaging also received a facelift.


Fast forward to present day and we have renamed the company to better reflect our product offerings. Eight Body Moisture is now Eight Skincare.



We recently launched our third scent, Tangerine. It is included in our new line of hand crèmes.


Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 5.44.18 AM.png


The future looks bright for Eight Skincare. The infusion of capital already has us drafting new design ideas.